Vlasta Jareš - klavírista, písničkář

Vlasta Jareš (born 1955) started learning to play piano as a child. After five years he ceased learning to play and he resumed playing piano only as an adult. The key moment, which made him to systematically continue playing piano and made him to focus on jazz, was his participation at the Summer Jazz Worksop in Frýdlant v Čechách in 1986, led by Karel Růžička, Emil Viklický and Milan Svoboda. The next impulse and inspiration was the Summer Jazz Workshop in Prague in 1999 led by the jazz piano players Gabriel Jonáš, Najponek and the Polish teacher Kuba Stankiewicz. Since 2002 he has been, privately as needed, consulting the piano jazz interpretation with piano players Vojtěch Eckert and Ondrej Krajňák.

In the Czech musical scene Vlasta Jareš started as a player in blues bands. His native band was the Ex – Blues group, with which he played in clubs and also in the second and third year of the Czechoslovak Blues Festival “Nonstop Blues” in Litvínov. The band also performed at the International Festival “Saloon of Traditional Jazz” at the exhibition centre in Prague. The last concert of the band was their performance at the blues festival in Germany in 1989.

In 1996 Vlasta Jareš performed as a songster at the folk festival “Garden 96” (Zahrada 96) in Strážnice as a part of the joint concert of songsters.

At present Vlasta Jareš focuses on interpretation of his own songs. For harmonisation and performance of the songs he uses his jazz experience. His songs thus create a sort of bridge among songsters, jazz and folk.

Apart from his project, in which he performs his own songs, Vlasta Jareš irregularly and occasionally also performs in various groups, which play usually jazz standards (he is for instance a piano player for the Japanese jazz songster Yasutomo Suzuki)